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We at Kaleidoscope Training Solutions offer a kaleidoscope effect training service that meets the different facets of your training needs. We cater to a diverse clientele, meeting a diverse cocktail of needs. We offer a flexible training solution that can be modified to meet ever changing needs. We offer training on your site or at our centre – whichever is most convenient  for you. All our trainers have experience in the areas that they teach and employ diverse teaching methods to cater for different learning needs. The cornerstones of our service are:

 Bespoke/tailored training




High quality


KTS provides tailored training solutions for organisations that want to invest in their future leaders or improve their current teams. We offer a creative customised service that recognises each organisation’s distinct challenges. Our mission is to help your staff grow and contribute to your organisation’s success. We work closely with every client to tailor our training to your requirements, consulting with you to identify your needs. All of our consultants and trainers use an interactive, hands-on approach to ensure your staff get the most out of the course.